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Need an Immigration lawyer to help your loved one stay in Denver? We can help!

Fiancee VisasHelp ensure that you are able to be with the one you love! We help you avoid common pitfalls.

Adjustment of StatusIf you or a loved one needs an adjustment in your current Visa status

Citizenship IssuesWhen the laws are confusing, it is easy to make mistakes that can hinder your ability to remain in the USA – We can help!


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Investment EB-5 Visa

For those coming to the USA with an intention to invest

Student Visas

Looking to come to the USA to be a student? We can help!

Addressing Deportations

If a loved one is being deported, you need an attorney!

Work Visas

For businesses needing services to sponsor foreign workers, we can help!

International Love

Before flying overseas for a bride, there are steps you need to take!

Cancellation of Removal

Get the relief you need if you qualify for this special provision!

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Do I need an attorney?

For most people, absolutely an attorney is critical. Why/ Because law is complex and one small mistake can make all the difference.


How expensive are you?

This is tough to answer as it varies case by case. Your case may require 2 hours of work or 200. It is generally more than $500 and can be up to $10,000. An average client probably pays about $1500.


Why are attorneys so expensive? I have trouble paying because I am from another country.

It can be frustrating to pay so much for an attorney. The reason why attorneys seem expensive is because there are years and years of training and what we can do in 1 hour it might take you 30 hours to do. Most people technically could do the work we do, if they had years to get the work done. However, when it comes to citizenship, most people understand the benefits of US Citizenship far outweigh the small cost of an attorney.

Finding a Great Immigration Lawyer

info-803717_640If you are not a US national, and looking for some type of citizenship, you will likely need the assistance of an immigration lawyer. There are a number of things that an immigration lawyer can assist you with, but some of these tasks are more important than others. Here are the top three things an immigration lawyer can do for you:

They Will Help You Know Your Rights

One of the things an immigration lawyer will do is to help you know your rights. In many cases, immigrants to the US will not know what rights they have, and what rights they don’t. However, when working with an immigration lawyer, you will know what you can and cannot do in regards to the law.

They Will Help to Fill Out Paperwork

Another thing that an immigration lawyer can do for you is to help make things official. For instance, there is a lot of paperwork associated with immigration, and this paperwork can be extremely confusing. This is especially the case if you aren’t a native English speaker. When you work with an immigration lawyer, they will be able to help you understand this paperwork, help you fill it out, and make sure that it is filled out correctly. This will ensure everything is correct, and will put you in the best position for success.

The Will Represent You at Hearings

Finally, you will find an immigration lawyer will represent you at hearings and in court. Sometimes, formal court is a necessity when it comes to immigration but with the right lawyer at your side, if you are called to court, the situation will be handled with ease.