info-803717_640Beginning January 1, 2014, it will be required that Colorado laborers complete at least 80 percent of the labor on public works projects. The Keep Jobs in Colorado Act applies to “any public works project financed in whole or in part by funds of the state, counties, school districts, or municipalities of the state of Colorado.” (§ 8-17-101(1), C.R.S.)

Employment Opportunity Act

The credit history law stops employers from acquiring and using credit history information for employment and hiring purposes. The law does not apply to state or local law enforcement agencies, employers of ranch labor or farm hands, or employers with less than four total laborers. Credit reports and history may be used for hiring in jobs that are related to finance, such as bankers and stock brokers. (§ 8-2-126, C.R.S.)

Social Media and the Workplace Law

This law, effective as of May 2013, makes it illegal for employers to request user names or passwords for social media websites such as Facebook. Furthermore, the law prevents employers from demanding friend requests or compelling employees to make certain information available to the public. This law does not apply to the Department of Corrections, correctional facility employees, or law enforcement agencies at either the state or local level. (§ 8-2-127, C.R.S.)


These three laws will be affecting immigration law in 2014 in a variety of ways ranging from the hiring process to job availability for illegal immigrants.