clause-684508_640Applying for asylum without legal counsel from an experienced Denver immigration attorney is a careless approach. Those deported after being denied asylum usually will not be granted re-entry into the United States. There are several ways an immigration attorney betters one’s chances for being granted asylum.

Immigration attorneys approach cases with individuality, since all cases are different. Presenting the judge with compelling evidence supporting the fact returning to one’s home country will likely lead to persecution is paramount to success in being granted asylum. An added benefit of a Denver immigration attorney is the fact that they have tried cases in front of local judges and have become familiar with the way judges lean on particular issues.

The detailed paperwork process can be done by oneself, but that is a risky maneuver. The paperwork is detailed and must be filed properly for a person to even be considered as deserving of being granted asylum. Several copies of one’s asylum application and supporting documents must be filed. Supporting documents provide thorough reasoning why asylum is warranted.

When appearing before a judge during the final individual merits hearing, those vying for asylum benefit from being questioned by their lawyer rather than pleading their case to the judge directly. Immigration lawyers prepare clients for questioning by the judge and the critical cross examination by the government lawyer. Testimony from character witnesses is more effective when an immigration lawyer prepares them for questioning.

With one opportunity to be granted asylum, petitioners must better their chances by involving an immigration lawyer intent on facilitating a smooth process and a positive outcome.