info-803717_640You have come to a new country and settled here in Denver, probably leaving a good number of friends and family members back home in the process. At first, you may not know when you will see them again and may have difficulty connecting with the people back home. These are common feeling and experiences for many immigrants. Let us recommend a few ways to reach back and ease your feelings of home-sickness.

Using Modern Technology

These days you can go to many locations to use a computer with Internet access, including public libraries. From there, depending on your family and friends’ situations, you can use e-mail, chat/IM, Skype or other programs to establish a regular form of communication with them. E-mail is available for free; other services may charge fees. This is especially convenient for those who have left tech-savvy people back home, like younger cousins or siblings.

Cell Phone Plans

More and more plans are offering savings on international dialing or treat calls within North America as domestic. If you can find such a plan in your budget-range, it may be the best lifeline you have available to family members in other countries. As with all services, be certain you understand the fees and try to avoid contracts, which are no longer the norm when getting a phone.

The Art of Letter Writing

Some say that writing letters has become a lost art form; however, for new residents who have left behind parents and grandparents, a written letter can be so much more than words or news on a page. Instead it is an emotional connection with those who have left their homes and community to seek opportunity abroad.

You may also need assistance in bringing some of your family members here to join you in your new home. We are happy to help you with these and many other matters relating to immigration. Please contact us.